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Proof of Concept

We demonstrated the power of our Micromining® platform to discover new ways to control the mosquito that transmits dengue, Zika, and yellow fever.

In Three Months.

The Problem:

As the number one threat to humankind, mosquitoes kill roughly 725,000 people each year by spreading blood-borne disease and viruses at an unparalleled rate. With high rates of resistance to many current pesticides, we are in need of novel solutions to control this threat.

Our Solution:

We combined expert microbiology and computational biology to isolate and identify microbes active against Aedes larvae in three months time. We filed patents on these novel microbes in April 2018.


Soil Samples Micromined


Microbes Assayed


Months Taken To Find New Solution

Agile Discovery. Novel Solutions. A Better World.

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