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The Platform

Micromining®: The Agile Discovery System

PipelineThroughputTime requiredCost/microbe/FTE
Current Industry Standard3,000 microbes6-12 months$130 to $250
Pluton Micromining®50,000 microbes2-4 months$1.35 to $2.35

Pluton "mines" microbes to quickly and inexpensively discover new ways to use bacteria, fungi, and viruses to make next generation products for the pesticide, agriculture, pharma, and bioremediation industries. Pluton's process can fill critical "cracks" in the Research and Development pipeline by speeding the introduction of novel & beneficial products to market.

1 Trillion Species on the Planet

Only 1 in A Million Have Been Described

Pluton's platform can be used to find solutions for...


Crop Protection

Human Health


Let Pluton mine microbes for your next generation of products