Pluton Biosciences Advances Development of Novel Bioinsecticides Through Participation in Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator

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Pluton Biosciences signs research agreement with Bayer AG to investigate microbial-based carbon capture product

Pluton Biosciences is accepted into Plug and Play Agtech Accelerator.

Pluton is the first St. Louis-Based biotech company to graduate from the global funding cycle of the Illumina Accelerator.

Pluton signs a research agreement with a major agriculture company to develop a new product in 2021. Stay tuned!

Pluton becomes the first St. Louis-based biotech company selected for the Illumina Accelerator, a company creation engine started by $50B San Diego-based, global DNA sequencing leader Illumina, Inc.

Pluton is selected for the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator. Wells Fargo’s grant opened a collaboration with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center’s biochemistry lab to identify the modes of action in our novel microbes with insecticidal activity.

Pluton enters into a co-development agreement with biotechnology company Evolugate to commercialize an all-natural mosquito larvicide.

Pluton Biosciences acquires Microbe Inotech Laboratories. The move provided a foundation for Pluton to build out its Micromining Innovation Engine while continuing the important pathogen testing work for Microbe Inotech’s legacy customers.

Pluton founder Dr. Barry Goldman, PhD, starts full-time as Chief Scientific Officer at Pluton.

Pluton closes crowdfunding with Nvsted, raising $98,000. Pluton also raises additional funds through new angel investors.

Pluton finalizes patents for novel bacteria discovery with insecticidal properties.

Pluton Biosciences launches a new investment offering through St. Louis-based crowdfunding platform Nvsted, seeking to raise $75,000.

Pluton signs research and license agreement with Terramera to test novel discoveries using bacteria for insect control in agriculture.

Pluton completes Proof of Concept assay with the discovery of 10 novel bacteria, plus one consortium of bacteria. Testing of the microbes gets underway against mosquitoes that transmit Malaria and West Nile virus, as well as Zika. Results indicate that the microbes have insecticidal properties against all three mosquito species larvae.

Pluton files patents on first microbial discoveries.

Pluton discovers three novel bacteria with insecticidal capabilities.

Pluton launches research to find novel microbes in the soil capable of killing larvae of mosquitoes that spread deadly tropical disease.

Pluton raises funding for Proof-of-Concept research – finding microbes from our Missouri backyards to kill the tropical mosquito that transmits the Zika virus.

Pluton Biosciences is established.