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Agile Innovations

Pluton's industry disrupting process patches critical "cracks" in the Research and Development pipeline by speeding the introduction of novel and beneficial bioproducts to market.

Targeted Discovery

Our Micromining® platform quickly and inexpensively isolates microbes with novel modes of action.

Next Generation Microbiome Mining

Pluton Biosciences aspires to solve global problems and helps ensure a sustainable future for our planet. We partner with manufacturers to create natural bioproducts for the pesticide

Building a sustainable tomorrow through targeted discovery and research innovation today.

Proof of Concept

We used our industry disrupting Micromining® process to identify new ways to kill the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits diseases such as yellow fever, dengue, and Zika. In three months.

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Our Industry Disrupting Platform

Our industry disrupting platform allows us to discover new microbial solutions 100x faster than the current industry leading research labs.

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